Our Business
* Core Business
  Designing, manufacturing, and selling of electrical connectors in the global market.
* Product & Service
  Committed to provide full assortment of top-quality notebook pc connectors,mini hdmi connector,micro hdmi connector. Expertise in designing and making of fine-pitches, low-profile electrical connectors. For more information, please click on “Product & Service” for details.
* New Product Line
  To better serve customers in non-notebook pc industries, Alltop has organized a team of professional engineers to serve potential customers. Our new product lines focus on high frequency, high transmitting speed connectors, include but not limited to, medical equipment, industrial pc, automotive, consumer, and many more. You name it, and we will make it for you, and, make it better.
Future Product Development Plan
Short Term Goal 1.Product development focus on portable low-profile, fine-pitch, customized connector.
2. Product range: high frequency, high transmitting speed, and broader transmission range.
Middle Range Goal 1.New market target on medical equipment, industrial PC, and consumer electronics connector.
2. Seek solutions to reduce product cost and maximize profit.
Long Term Goal 1.Focus on consumer products, medical equipments, and automobile equipment connectors.
2. Apply maximum temperature resistance, shock resistance, and high reliability on all electrical connectors for automobile equipment.